Richard Addinsell And Noel Coward

Donald Macleod explores the music of Richard Addinsell and his close contemporary Noel Coward, who both composed songs and music for stage and screen from the 1920s to the 1960s.


01Addinsell: The Collaborationist20080428

Together with Philip Lane, who composed and arranged many of Addinsell's film scores, Donald concentrates on Addinsell's most famous songwriting partnership - with Joyce Grenfell - as well as other artistic associations from which he benefited throughout his career.

The programme culminates with the one work which bears both Addinsell's and Coward's names - Addinsell's music to the film version of Coward's play Blithe Spirit, though how much they actually collaborated is not clear.

Three Brothers

Joyce Grenfell

William Blezard (studio orchestra conductor)

The Charlot Show of 1926

BBC Concert Orchestra

Barry Wordsworth (conductor)

Moonlight is Silver

Gertrude Lawrence, Douglas Fairbanks Jr

Isle of Apples

Kenneth Alwyn (conductor)

Goodbye Mr Chips

BBC Philharmonic

Rumon Gamba (conductor)


Joyce Grenfell with Julian Orchard

Philip Green (conductor)

Blithe Spirit

02Coward: Songs And Beyond20080429

Donald Macleod explores Noel Coward's music beyond the songs for which he is best known. As a composer he also wrote more expansive forms for the stage and screen with the help of orchestrators, including the operetta Bitter Sweet from 1929, and 30 years later the ballet London Morning, set outside the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Sail Away

Noel Coward

Peter Matz (conductor)

Ladies of the Town; If Love Were All; Dear Little Cafe (Bitter Sweet - excerpts from Act 2)

Rosemary Ashe (Manon)

Valerie Sanderson (Sari)

Martin Smith (Carl)

Chorus and Orchestra of The New Sadler's Wells Opera

Michael Reed (conductor)

Private Lives

Gertrude Lawrence

Ray Noble (conductor)

Symphonic Suite: The Astonished Heart

London Symphony Orchestra

William Blezard (conductor)

I travel alone (1934)

Ian Bostridge

Jeffrey Tate (piano)

Parisian Pierrot (1923)

Phoenix Theatre Orchestra

Clifford Greenwood (conductor)

London Morning (excerpt)

City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Robin White (conductor)

Richard Addinsell and Noel Coward

Donald Macleod explores the music of Richard Addinsell and his close contemporary Noel Coward, who both composed songs and music for stage and screen from the 1920s to the 1960s.

2/5. Coward: Songs and Beyond

03The Second World War20080430

Donald Macleod is joined by Philip Lane to look at the roles Addinsell and Coward each played during the war, when Coward dabbled in espionage and Addinsell worked for the Crown Film Unit, scoring propaganda films.

The music includes the work for which Addinsell remains most famous, and which is sometimes said to signify the period more than any other music - the Warsaw Concerto.

Coward: Don't Let's Be Beastly to the Germans

Noel Coward

Robb Stewart (piano)

Addinsell: Gaslight

Royal Ballet Sinfonia

Kenneth Alwyn (conductor)

Addinsell: March: Cavalry of the Clouds (The Lion has Wings)

Coward: London Pride

Carroll Gibbons (conductor)

Coward: Nina

Piccadilly Theatre Orchestra

Mantovani (conductor)

Coward: Could You Please Oblige Us With a Bren Gun

Caroll Gibbons (conductor)

Addinsell: Love on the Dole

BBC Philharmonic

Rumon Gamba (conductor)

Coward: I'm Going to See You Today

Joyce Grenfell

Richard Addinsell (piano)

Addinsell/Grenfell: Nothing New to Tell You

William Blezard (conductor)

Addinsell: Warsaw Concerto

Jean-Yves Thibaudet (piano)

BBC Symphony Orchestra

Hugh Wolff (conductor).


Donald Macleod and guest Philip Lane look at the impact on both Coward's and Addinsell's music from their time spent in the United States.

Coward: Dance Little Lady

Noel Coward

Carroll Gibbons (conductor)

Coward: World Weary

Caroll Gibbons (piano)

Addinsell: The Gryphon and the Mock Turtle; The Trial; The White Knight (Alice in Wonderland)

Alice....Bambi Linn

Gryphon....Jack Manning

Mock Turtle....Angus Cairns

White Rabbit....William Windom

White Knight....Hugh Franklin

Eva Le Galienne (narrator)

Original 1947 Broadway cast

Tibor Kozma (conductor)

Addinsell: The Black Rose Suite

BBC Philharmonic

Rumon Gamba (conductor)

Room with a View; Uncle Harry (Coward Live in Las Vegas)

Peter Matz (piano)

Carlton Hayes and his Orchestra

Addinsell: Smokey Mountains Concerto

BBC Concert Orchestra

Kenneth Alwyn (conductor).

05 LASTAddinsell: Later Works20080502

Donald Macleod and guest Philip Lane look at the film scores Addinsell completed towards the end of his life, including the first recording of the incidental music for a 1949 production of Ring Round the Moon.

Coward: Why Must the Show Go On?

Noel Coward

Unnamed orchestra

Peter Matz (director)

Addinsell: Ring Round the Moon

BBC Concert Orchestra

Roderick Dunk (conductor)

Addinsell: Overture (Tom Brown's Schooldays)

BBC Philharmonic

Rumon Gamba (conductor)

Addinsell: Greengage Summer

Robert Gibbs (violin solo)

Royal Ballet Sinfonia

Kenneth Alwyn (conductor)

Coward: The Party's Over Now

Joyce Grenfell

Cyril Ornadel and His Theatre Orchestra

Addinsell: I Wouldn't Go Back to the World I Knew

William Blezard (director).