Richard Attenborough - My Life In Film

A four-part biography of Lord Attenborough, in which his own account of his life is interwoven with film clips and contributions from colleagues, actors, critics and friends.


01Ten Rillington Place19971001

He begins with the early years of his stardom, from his first job to his acclaimed performance as the murderer John Reginald Christie in `Ten Rillington Place'.

02A Bridge Too Far19971008

In the second programme, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Sir John Mills, Simon Ward, William Goldman and others describe Attenborough's talents as a director - of epics such as `A Bridge Too Far' and of intimate dramas like `Shadowlands'.


In the third programme, Lord Attenborough recalls the making of `Gandhi', revealing how his parents inspired the whole project. Star Ben Kingsley and the crew remember the filming in India.

04 LAST19971022

In the final programme, Lord Attenborough reveals his most ambitious film plan to date and discusses his hopes and aspirations for the film industry in Britain.