The Right Set

A week of readings from a new tennis anthology to mark the start of Wimbledon.


01The First Wimbledon19990628

by A Wallis Myers, read by Alistair Mcgowan.

The tournament is scandalised by new strokes.

02My Match Against Mlle Lenglen19990629

by Helen Wills, read by Barbara Barnes. A classic match modestly recalled.

03The Show On The Road19990630

Fred Perry remembers turning professional. Read by Ioan Meredith

04Grooming Monica19990701

by Nick Bollettieri, read by Garrick Hagon. Turning Ms Seles into a lethal winner.

05 LASTCourt Manners And Etiquette And Tennis Personalities19990702

Rod Laver and Martin Amis on sportsmanship and celebrity. Read by James Laurenson and William Nighy.