202A01Golden Chariots, Silver Linings2002031420020616

Paul Vaughan explores the end of life.

1: `Golden Chariots, Silver Linings'.

He asks how age and the ageing process affect art and creativity.

202A02A Body Of Experience2002032120020623

Exploring the end of life.

2: `A Body of Experience'.

Paul Vaughan talks to Terry Frost, Peter Sallis and Mary Wesley about how physical decline can have artistic compensations.

202A03Senior Moments2002032820020630

An exploration of the end of life.

3: `Senior Moments'.

Paul Vaughan examines how old age affects the memory - for better and for worse.

202A04Still Learning2002040420020707

An exploration of the end of life.

4: `Still Learning'.

Paul Vaughan talks to contemporary artists about the ability to develop and learn even at the most advanced age.