Road To Lautrec [Drama]


2017113020191230 (R4)

Writer Douglas Livingstone and director Jane Morgan continue the series of dramas created with recordings from distinctive festivals around the world.

This year, they reach the annual garlic festival held in the medieval village of Lautrec. The hilltop community, officially recognised as one of the most beautiful villages in France, holds a rapidly growing festival to celebrate the harvest of their distinctive pink garlic. This two day event on the first weekend of August attracts thousands of visitors with its bewildering array of garlic twining competitions, garlic sculptures, dancing, processions, elaborate church services, markets, culinary contests, a vast dole of free garlic soup and a huge communal dinner held under the stars.

Together with a sound engineer, the team set off to record the event and then weave the recordings into a drama based on the experience.

In Road to Lautrec, three oddly assorted people from a London cookery course take advantage of an offer to visit the fete, staying with a local ex-pat. What follows is a comic romance of gastronomy, lost love and prodigious amounts of garlic and rose wine, played out in a truly extraordinary place in the distant shadow of Brexit.

The cast includes the original Poldark, Robin Ellis, who lives in the region, along with BAFTA and Olivier award winning Cheryl Campbell, veteran BBC radio actor Nigel Anthony and Emma Cunniffe, fresh from playing the title role in the RSC and West End production of Queen Ann.

Writer: Douglas Livingstone
Director: Jane Morgan

A 7digital production for BBC Radio 4.

Garlic and ros\u00e9 wine - ingredients for this drama created at a uniquely French festival.

Drama from BBC Radio 4