01Robert And Clara: The Legend In The Making *20081208

Donald Macleod traces the start of Robert Schumann and Clara Wieck's relationship.

Donald Macleod focuses on the beginning of Robert Schumann and Clara Wieck's relationship, beginning with a young Robert in Leipzig, following his mother's wishes for him to study law.

A musical house party in 1828, at which he meets Friedrich Wieck and his little virtuoso daughter Clara, sees Robert instead pursuing his dream 'to devote myself entirely to music'.

Widmung (Myrten, Op 25)

  • Murray Perahia (piano)
  • anthony goldstone, caroline clemmow (pianos)
  • charles rosen (piano)
  • dg 474 466-2, cd 2 - tr 23

    schumann: polonaise no 6 in e (1828)

  • dietrich fischer-dieskau (baritone)
  • globe glo 5001 - tr 1
  • imogen cooper (piano)
  • jorg demus (piano)
  • olympia ocd 676 - tr 12

    schumann: abegg variations, op 1

  • ottavo otr c39027 - tr 1

    schumann: papillons, op 2

  • sx4k 63380, cd 1 - trs 6-18

    impromptus on a theme of clara wieck

  • 02Robert Schumann20081209

    Donald Macleod explores Schumann's tortuous battle for Clara's hand in marriage.

    Her father Friedrich Wieck was determined to keep his daughter in his clutches at all costs, and legal battles, lengthy separations and slanderous attacks ensued before, undeterred, Robert and Clara were finally married in 1840 with the blessing of the court.

    Musically, this was a fruitful period for Schumann.

    Donald is joined by pianist Lucy Parham to discuss his epic Fantasy for piano - described by the composer as 'the most passionate thing I have ever written'.

    Lebhaft (Davidsbundlertanze)

  • andras schiff (piano)
  • anne sofie von otter (mezzo-soprano)
  • barbara bonney (soprano)
  • bengt forsberg (piano)
  • decca 452 898-2 - trs 15-17
  • dg 445 881-2 - tr 11

    fantasy, op 17

  • emi cdm 7635762 - trs 1-3

    susser freund, du blickest; an meinem herzen, an meiner brust; nun hast du mir den ersten schmertz getan (frauenliebe und -leben, op 42)

  • martha argerich (piano)
  • teldec 4509-99176-2 - tr 2

  • teldec 4509-99176-2 - tr 2

    die lowenbraut, op 31 no 1

  • vladimir ashkenazy (piano)

    lebhaft (davidsbundlertanze)

  • 03The Marriage Diaries20081210

    Donald Macleod and pianist Lucy Parham open Robert and Clara Schumann's marriage diaries.

    After Robert and Clara Schumann settled into married life in Leipzig, they immediately started a marriage diary.

    Donald and pianist Lucy Parham flick through some of the pages, which reveal that their marriage was not the 'poetry and flowers' that Robert had predicted, as both artists strived to maintain their musical careers.

    Du Ring an meinem Finger (Frauenleiebe und -leben, Op 42)

  • Joanna David, Martin Jarvis (narration)
  • archiv 457 591-2, cd 1 - trs 3-6

    piano quintet, op 44 (finale)

  • asv dca 1185 - trs 1, 2

    symphony no 1 in b flat, op 38 (spring)

  • augustin dumay, renaud capucon (violins)
  • barry wordsworth (conductor)
  • bbc concert orchestra
  • clara schumann: warum willst du andre fragen?
  • dg 463 1792 - tr 7

    schumann: 12 poems (liebesfruhling)

  • gerard causse (viola)
  • graham johnson (piano)
  • hyperion cdj 33104 - trs 22, 23
  • hyperion cdj33103 - tr 9

    from the album beloved clara (lucy parham)

  • jiang wang (cello)
  • john eliot gardiner (conductor)
  • juliane banse (soprano)
  • lucy parham (piano)
  • maria joao pires (piano)
  • oliver widmer (baritone)
  • orchestre revolutionnaire et romantique
  • piano concerto in a minor (excerpt)
  • reading from marriage diary of robert and clara schumann, 13 september 1840
  • schumann: so wahr die sonne scheinet
  • stella doufexis (mezzo-soprano)

  • 04The Dresden Years20081211

    Donald Macleod explores the Schumanns' move to Dresden in 1845 to start a new life.

    Amidst growing concerns for Robert's mental health, the Schumanns made the move in 1845 to Dresden, where he took to the podium as conductor of an amateur choir and, with Clara's assistance, led several performances of his own works.

    But his strange leadership did not always go down well with the choristers.

    If musical life seemed dull, all that was about to change with the Dresden uprisings in 1849, after which Robert fled the city, leaving his pregnant wife Clara to brave the battleground and rescue their children to safety.

    Six Fugues on the Name of BACH (No 2)

  • archiv 457 660-2, cd 1 - tr 2

    piano trio no 2 in f

  • berlin philharmonic
  • claudio abbado (conductor)
  • eric ericson chamber choir
  • florestan trio
  • gretchen....karita mattila (soprano)
  • hyperion cda 67063 - trs 5-8

    cathedral scene (scenes from goethe's faust)

  • john eliot gardiner (conductor)
  • mephistopholes....jan-hendrik rootering (bass)
  • monteverdi choir
  • olivier latry (organ)
  • orchestre revolutionnaire et romantique
  • s2k 66308, cd 1 - tr 4
  • sk 57490 - tr 12

    nachtlied, op 108

  • swedish radio choir
  • tolz boys' choir

  • 05 LASTThe Dusseldorf Years20081212

    Donald Macleod explores how Clara Schumann coped with her husband's decline.

    In the company of pianist Lucy Parham, Donald discovers how Clara coped with her husband's decline, and how Brahms became a vital friend during Schumann's years at the asylum in Endenich.

    Including music reflecting Schumann's mental illness and a vintage recording of his violin concerto, which Clara and Brahms tried to ban from being published.


  • Yehudi Menuhin (violin)
  • bernhard klee (conductor)
  • cd rsb 202 - tr 7

    hostias; sanctus (requiem, op 148)

  • chandos chan 9307 - tr 26
  • dg 471 370-1 - trs 10-14

    violin concerto in d minor

  • dusseldorf musikverein chorus
  • dusseldorf symphony orchestra
  • emi cdc 7491642 - trs 7, 8

    5 gesange der fruhe for piano, op 133

  • helen donath (soprano)
  • ian partridge (tenor)
  • john barbirolli (conductor)
  • julius drake (piano)
  • lucy parham (piano)
  • maurizio pollini (piano)
  • naxos 8.110966 - trs 1-3

    zum schluss

  • philharmonic symphony of new york