The Rock Show With Johnnie Walker


Billy Gibbons chooses his Rock God20190316

Johnnie Walker returns to the Rock Show with ZZ Top frontman Billy Gibbons in the hotseat for the Rock God. The A-Z of Rock rumbles on....we're fast approaching the end as we arrive at 'W'. So many to choose from here! Whitesnake? Wembley Stadium? Walter Becker? Walter Trout? Weezer? Who or what will Johnnie choose? Listen to find out! As well as all this, Johnnie brings you some choice cuts from the past five decades in rock as well as the cream of this week's new releases.

ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons picks the Rock God and we reach 'W' in the A-Z of Rock...

Johnnie curates an hour of the best rock ever heard on Radio 2.

Herman Rarebell chooses his Rock God20190330

Drummer Herman Rarebell joined The Scorpions in 1977. The band play the Bloodstock Festival this August and Herman will be here in the UK in April too. He's playing a special one-off drum show in Brighton on April 12th with Ginger Baker from Cream. So will he choose a drummer?! Listen to find out! Elsewhere on the show, Johnnie will be pondering 'Y' in his 'A-Z' of Rock. Will it be guitar hero Yngwie Malmsteen? Y & T? Or maybe prog rock royalty, Yes? Johnnie will reveal who (or what) he has chosen. Also, new releases coming up from the Mute Gods, Joanne Shaw Taylor and the Black Keys plus Johnnie's usual abundance of rock classics.

Scorpions drummer Herman Rarebell reveals his Rock God.

Johnnie curates an hour of the best rock ever heard on Radio 2.

Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx picks his Rock God!20190323

Motley Crue have long been known as one of the most notorious bands in rock n' roll history. The long-awaited Crue biopic will soon hit the small screen, so who better than their bassist Nikki Sixx to choose our Rock God! Also this week, we're almost at the end of the 'A-Z of Rock'. We have reached 'X' - not the easiest letter of the rock alphabet, but never fear, Johnnie will find a rockin' 'X' to investigate for your listening pleasure. Plus, we've got a lovely bunch of new releases and Johnnie's usual stack of rock gems and classics.

Nikki Sixx reveals his own 'Rock God'.

Johnnie curates an hour of the best rock ever heard on Radio 2.