Romance Season Playhouse - Friday's Child


Genome: [r4 Bd=19950128]

Georgette Heyer 's Regency romance begins a season of love affairs on Radio 4.

"I'm going back to London! And I'm going to marry the first woman I see!" is the cry of young Lord Sheringham when his proposal of marriage is rejected by Isabella, the Incomparable. True to his word, he takes the even younger Hero Wantage as his bride.

Dramatised by John Peacock. Music by Trevor Allan Davies. Director Ned Chaillet

Genome: [r4 Bd=19950128]

Unknown: Georgette Heyer

Dramatised By: John Peacock.

Music By: Trevor Allan Davies.

Director: Ned Chaillet

Hero Wantage: Elli Garnett

Sherry: James Frain

Isabella Milbome: Annabel Mullion

George: Ian Hughes

Jasper Tarleton: Simon Russell Beale

Gil: Paul Panting

Ferdy: Jullan Rhind-Tutt

Montagu Revesby: Nicholas Boulton

Lady Saltash: Mary Wimbush

Mrs Milbome: Tessa Worsley

Ruth: Cathy Sara

Cassy: Cathy Sara

Lady Sheringham: Susan Sheridan

Groombridge: David Bannerman

lnnkeeper: David Bannerman

Mrs Bagshot: Eva Stuart

Jason: Peter Kenny

Lady Jersey: Jilly Bond

Postboy: David Antrobus