Romantic Outlaws - The Extraordinary Lives Of Mary Wollstonecraft And Her Daughter Mary Shelley



20150816 (BBC7)

Biography of pioneering feminist Mary Wollstonecraft and her daughter Mary Shelley.

Juliet Aubrey and Ellie Kendrick read Charlotte Gordon's biography of the pioneering feminist and her novelist daughter.

Mary Wollstonecraft, famous for her polemic A Vindication on the Rights of Woman, died ten days after giving birth to her daughter who wrote one of the nineteenth century's most significant novels, Frankenstein. Though she never knew her mother, Mary Shelley was inspired and influenced by the way Wollstonecraft had lived her life, and her philosophy on freedom. Charlotte Gordon's dual biography brings together these visionary women and illuminates the many similarities between the two. Both acquired fame and notoriety through their writing, they married difficult men, had children out of wedlock and were assailed by tragedy. Above all both left legacies that continue to endure.

Read by Juliet Aubrey and Ellie Kendrick

Abridged by Sara Davies

Produced by Elizabeth Allard.