Rory Gallagher Story, The [6 Music]


20180526 (6M)
20080000 (6M)

A programme first broadcast in 2005 in which the late Gary Moore paid tribute to Rory Gallagher, the talented Irish blues-rock guitarist, singer and songwriter who died in 1995 aged just 47.

Contributors include Queen guitarist Brian May, who reveals how copied Rory's guitar sound; The Smiths' guitarist Johnny Marr who says he took a day off school to play along with one of Rory's albums - and reveals how you can hear traces of Rory's influence even in some of The Smiths songs; English folk giant Martin Carthy, who reveals how he helped talk Rory through a period of stage fright; Bass player Jack Bruce and ex-Dubliners singer Ronnie Drew.

Rory's brother Donal - who worked alongside him throughout his life - talks movingly of their early days in Ballyshannon and then Cork, of Rory's life on the road and in the studio, and then of the health problems that lead to the need for a liver transplant in 1995.

Also heard are old friends from Cork and the musicians he played with - John Wilson from Taste and Gerry McEvoy and Lou Martin from his later bands.

This programme contains rarely-heard archive recordings and was first broadcast in April 2005, ten years after Rory's death.

The late Gary Moore pays tribute to Rory Gallagher. First broadcast in 2005.