Round Two [Radio Scotland]


2015121520180112 (RS)

by Tessa Gibbs

When Maggie finds out that her husband is having an affair with a younger woman, she comes up with an unconventional plan to attempt to salvage her marriage.

But swapping places with her husband's mistress isn't such a brilliant idea for a wife when she realises that it's hard to enjoy clandestine dates with someone who's broken her heart; or for the mistress when she realises that middle-aged life is a total bore when you're not actually middle-aged; or for the husband when he realises he is just too exhausted to keep failing them both.

So the question is - with Christmas round the corner - what to do now?

Round Two is a comedy drama which asks very serious - and always relevant - questions about the nature of marriage, fidelity, honesty, sisterhood - and love.

Maggie ..... Vicki Masson
Charlie ..... Helen Mackay
Rob ..... Robin Laing

Directed by Gaynor Macfarlane.

Comedy drama about a woman who hatches an unconventional plan to salvage her marriage.