Bobby's 63-year-old mum turns up unannounced, seeking the Sex and the City lifestyle.

Bobby (GEMMA WHELAN) has the usual problems that afflict London singletons.

Like - how long should you wait to ask your boss out when his wife walks out on him? Without anyone else in the office finding out? While keeping your affair with the fire alarm maintenance guy under wraps?

The usual sort of thing.

But that was before her Mum, Veronica (SHERRIE HEWSON), decided to unceremoniously dump her husband of forty years and show up on Bobby's doorstep with a glint in her eye and a determination to "live the Sex And The City lifestyle". Which might prove difficult in a flat above a chicken shop in Forest Gate.

Bobby is about to find out that there's no situation that can't be made more awkward by your mother showing up in four inch heels, three mojitos to the good.

An Objective Media production for BBC Radio 4.