Neil MacGregor introduces a celebration of the spiritual side of life through music.

Neil MacGregor introduces a special presenter-less celebration of the spiritual side of life that so many encounter through music, no matter what their faith or tradition. Linked to Neil's 'Living with the Gods' (Radio 4) this is a seamless "slow radio" flow, the music - spanning all periods - leads listeners through major themes of religion and belief, encompassing the whole gamut of human experience of the divine to take a broad view of what it is to believe. The programme begins with the wonders of creation and the cosmos, and as darkness is dispelled the theme of light emerges, a significant element of many belief systems. This leads into music inspired by nature and the world around us. From there the pieces chosen (mainly from the Western tradition, but encompassing many world faiths) explore the concept of love from the perspective of the sacred before turning the focus to ritual, the prayerful, contemplative and meditative part of the human condition - as well as the joyous and ecstatic.

Finally, thoughts turn to life, death and eternity with music that explores transience, mortality and beliefs about the world to come. Peppered throughout the day, listeners will hear the sacred sounds of a range of world religions, in carefully curated vignettes, opening up the intimate and personal world of belief.

Producers: Katharine Longworth, Ben Collingwood and Rosie Dawson.