Families with a talented child talk about the sacrifices they make to help them fulfil their potential.


01Josh *20090504

Josh wants to dance, but when he gets a coveted place at Elmhurst dance school, associated with Birmingham Royal Ballet, his parents have to dig deep to ensure that his dream comes true.

02David *20090505

He wants to play tennis, but the travelling to tournaments every weekend takes its toll on the rest of the family and the financial pressures build up when he gets a place at a tennis academy to train full time.

03Cyril *20090506

Eight-year-old Cyril plays the piano, but his talent requires a big commitment from his family. They practise with him for at least two hours a day, before and after school, and take him once a week for a day at the Royal College of Music.

04Daniel *20090507

When Daniel Neilson wanted to ride horses as a small child, his parents did all they could to help him realise his dream. Now aged 19, Daniel is an Olympic hope for 2012.

05 LASTEleanor *20090508

Ellie Simmonds won two gold medals at the Paralympics in Beijing. Her parents talk about the big decisions they made to help her realise her dreams. When Swansea offered the best training opportunies for Ellie almost three years ago, her mum, Val, moved Ellie there and stays with her during the week while dad Steve stayed in Walsall.

5 LASTEleanor20090508