The demand for cosmetic surgery is spreading to Africa and is no longer just the preserve of the rich and famous. From Cape Town to Cairo, there's a growing appetite for plastic surgery.

South Africa is already one of the world's top destinations for those in search of a cheap tummy tuck, breast enhancement or facelift, with perhaps a safari on the side.

Up until now, most patients have come from the US and Europe, but this situation is changing fast as increasing numbers of patients from within the continent travel to South Africa for treatment. And there are clinics opening up in other African countries too, including Nigeria and Kenya.

Ayisha Yahya meets doctors and patients, hears about the procedures demanded and explores the dilemmas of offering such surgery in countries where many still have little or no access to basic health care.

And what does it tell us about changing perceptions of beauty in Africa today?

Producer: Ruth Evans

A Ruth Evans production for BBC Radio 4.