Salmon Fishing In The Yemen [Book At Bedtime]

By Paul Torday, read by Michael Sheen.



A delightful comic novel which gently mocks the machinations of government and spin whilst shedding a little light on the question of belief.

Presented in the form of evidence to a Parliamentary inquiry, it charts the adventures of a humble fisheries scientist, Dr Alfred Jones, through a series of extracts from emails, memos and diaries.


The Whitehall spin machine swings into action and Dr Alfred Jones is sent to meet the glamorous Ms Harriet Chetwode-Talbot.


Alfred is beginning to be seduced by the notion of salmon swimming their way up the wadis of the Yemen, but he has yet to meet the prime mover behind the project.


Following their trip to the Sheikh's residence in Scotland, Alfred and Harriet embark on 'the project'.


The novel in the form of a government report continues with evidence from No 10's communications director - describing how the PM became enthused by the 'Salmon/Yemen' project.


Dr Alfred Jones and Harriet Chetwode-Talbot have witnessed an attempt to assassinate the sheikh whilst he was fishing on his estate in Scotland.

Now news of these events is filtering down to Westminster.


The sheikh's dream of sharing the peacable joys of salmon fishing with his fellow countrymen is under threat from those who believe it is dangerously un-Islamic.


Harriet and Arthur are now in the Yemen as preparations and building work proceed apace.

But the activity is not enough to distract Harriet from worrying about her fianc退 who is missing in Iraq.


Peter Maxwell has a bright idea to do with fishing and democracy.

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The evidence for the official report into the Yemen Salmon project is concluded.