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The place for stimulating, radical, surprising conversation after closing time. This week, novelist Howard Jacobson has sex - as a starting point - with guests EdwinaCurrie, MP, Andrew Davies , Vanessa Feltz , Andrew Neil and Michele Roberts.

Producer Fiona Hill

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Unknown: Howard Jacobson

Unknown: Andrew Davies

Unknown: Vanessa Feltz

Unknown: Andrew Neil

Unknown: Michele Roberts.

Producer: Fiona Hill

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Shirley Williams wrestles with General Sir Peter de la Billiere , Stephen Daldry , Gavin Reid , Bishop of Maidstone,

David Puttnam and Steve Shirley over the nature of leadership. Producer Penelope Gibbs

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Unknown: Shirley Williams

Unknown: Sir Peter de la Billiere

Unknown: Stephen Daldry

Unknown: Gavin Reid

Unknown: David Puttnam

Unknown: Steve Shirley

Producer: Penelope Gibbs

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Are you politically correct? Broadcaster Sarah Dunant challenges her guests

Helena Kennedy QC, Stuart Hall , Dominic Lawson and Deborah Cameron. Producer Ariane Koek

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Unknown: Sarah Dunant

Unknown: Helena Kennedy

Unknown: Stuart Hall

Unknown: Dominic Lawson

Unknown: Deborah Cameron.

Producer: Ariane Koek

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In the last programme in the series, Rabbi Julia Neuberger elaborates on evil with Ruth Rendell ,

Michael Winner , John McVicar , the Bishop of Leicester and Roy Greenslade. Producer Elizabeth Abrahams

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Unknown: Julia Neuberger

Unknown: Ruth Rendell

Unknown: Michael Winner

Unknown: John McVicar

Unknown: Roy Greenslade.

Producer: Elizabeth Abrahams