Sampler T6 [Louise Ramsden]


2004011320190910 (BBC7)

Among the collection of Victorian samplers in London's Victoria and Albert Museum, there's an extraordinary piece of needlework: catalogue number Sampler T6-1965.

In tiny red stitching on plain linen cloth, it tells the extraordinary life-story of its creator, Elizabeth Parker, and stops abruptly with the words, "What will become of my soul?".

In Louise Ramsden's drama, modern day Kate is sent to read this sampler by her sister and she gradually understands more about its creator and also about her own reluctance to face her demons.

Elizabeth Parker... Amy Shindler
Dr Watts.... Michael Maloney
Mrs Parker.... Frances Jeater
Kate.... Gbemisola Ikumelo
Lewis.... Stephen Critchlow

Director: Peter Leslie Wild

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in January 2004.

In 1829, Elizabeth Parker decided to tell her troubled story by stitching it on a sampler.