By Noel Streatfield, dramatised by Sue Rodwell.


01Holiday 193920040105

Holiday 1939, as war clouds gather over Europe the Wiltshire family have one last long idyllic summer holiday.

  • albert....sonny muslim
  • alex wiltshire....paul clarkson
  • aunt lindsey....rachel smith
  • directed by.... Jenny Stephens
  • gran....Tina Gray
  • grandfather....william franklyn
  • kim wiltshire....vivek shah
  • laurel wiltshire....wendy baxter
  • lena wiltshire....beth tuckey
  • policeman....jeffrey harmer
  • ruth glover....lucy robinson
  • sir charles garden....lennox greaves
  • tony wiltshire....sam wheway
  • uncle john....david kendall
  • warden....Rob Swinton

  • 02Evacuation20040106

    Laurel, Tony and Kim Wiltshire have lived a secure and comfortable life with their parents in Regents Park. The Second World War means that they are packed off to their grandparents in the country.

    03Letters Home20040107

    The Wiltshire children, having been evacuated to their grandparents, are starting to run wild. Matters are made worse when they are joined by Albert, a young lad evacuated from the East End.

    04The Visit20040108

    Laurel, Tony and Kim Wiltshire meet their parents whom they haven't seen for months because of the war.


    Tony Wiltshire feels unwanted at his grandparents house so runs away to London


    Lena Wiltshire slides into alcoholism and despair following the death of her husband.

    07In Between20040113

    The Wiltshire children are staying with their dreadful Aunt Lindsey.


    With clothes rationing in force, Laurel is sent to school wearing green amid a sea of blue and grey.


    Another Visit Laurel has been accused of wearing pearls given to her by a soldier. Her dreadful Aunt Lindsey comes to school to try and get to the bottom of it.

    10 LASTHome20040116

    Laurel has run away from school and finds herself alone in London