Sarah Woods - My Life With Flu


20141101 (BBC7)

A love story, about flu.

It's January 1969, the winter after the summer of love, and as Jill and David's relationship blossoms, a new and deadly virus emerges - Hong Kong Flu. Little do the young lovers know that this virus will have a profound influence over the course of their lives, as it travels from person to person, from sneeze to sneeze - an evolving act of chance that will kill millions of people over the next forty-five years.

My Life with Flu has been produced in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. In five episodes it follows the story of Jill across five decades as she struggles with the highs and lows of life, love and viral infection. At the same time the story tracks the life of Hong Kong Flu - how, over 45 years, it has traversed the globe, evolved and is ultimately being superseded by new, more virulent strains, such as Swine Flu.

Using cutting edge science - of transmission, viral evolution and genetic predisposition - it tells the story of flu, and investigates the unique qualities of Jill's genome which make her a 'severe responder'. Paul Kellam, Virus Genomics team leader at the Sanger Institute worked closely with writer Sarah Woods to weave the science seamlessly into the story.

The drama underlines the deep connection human beings have to the viruses that survive through us, and how illness can shape the course of our lives.

Jill.... Hannah Daniel/Sharon Morgan

David.... Ronan Summers/William Hope

John.... Liam Williams/Simon Armstrong

Other parts.... John Norton , Eirlys Bellin, Alun Raglan

Narrator.... Eiry Thomas

Directed by James Robinson

A BBC Cymru/Wales Production.

20141101 (BBC7)
20141102 (BBC7)

Omnibus edition. As Jill and David fall in love, a deadly virus emerges - Hong Kong Flu.