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Lucien by ROGER MILNER As Napoleon Bonaparte was setting about altering the geography of Europe and Decoming a feared and hated tyrant In the process, his brother

Lucien was captured, brought to Ludlow in England, and immediately set up life as a respected country gentleman. The play tells the story of this most enigmatic man in a most unusuai period of history.

A BBC Radio Drama Company production

Directed by GERRY JONES (Repeated: Mon 3.2 pm)

[R4 BD=19821106]

Unknown: Roger Milner

Unknown: Napoleon Bonaparte

Directed By: Gerry Jones

Lucien: Crawford Logan

Alexandrine: Wendy Murray

Lord POW1S: Hugh Dickson

Mr Knight: Stephen Thorne

Charles: Jill Lidstone

Charlotte: Rosalind Adams

Mackenzie: Henry Stamper

The Rev Butler: Anthony Newlands

Lord Liverpool: Peter Tuddeniiam

Ellison: James Kerry

Taliyrand: Nigel Graham

Fr Maurice: Jim Reid

Col Layton: Edward Cast

Lord Dudley: Stuart Organ

Fouché: David Gooderson