Saturday Night And Sunday Morning [Reading By Sean Bean]

Sean Bean begins an eight-part reading of Alan Sillitoe's classic story of life and love in a factory town.


LB0119980807Arthur Seaton works hard and plays hard - often with other men's wives.
LB0219980814Arthur's affair with Brenda grows more intense when her husband is transferred to the night shift.
LB0319980821Brenda has some shattering news for Arthur.
LB0419980828Brenda has fallen pregnant, so Arthur turns his attention to her sister Winnie.
LB0519980911Arthur's affairs with Brenda and Winnie have become the subject of local gossip.
LB0619980918Winnie's husband sends two squaddies to call on Arthur.
LB0719980925Arthur is nursing his wounds when he meets Doreen.
LB08 LAST19981002Will Arthur finally settle down and become a family man?