Saturday Night Theatre - Angel Standing


Genome: [r4 Bd=19950624]

by Jonathan Myerson , with Juliet Aubrey as Angel and Timothy West as Mr Levy. Angel is a modern woman, who brings zeal to her PhD research into sexuality. with Margaret John , Elaine Claxton , Neville Jason , Mark Lambert , Don McCorkindale , Peter Whitman and James Taylor. Music by Elizabeth Parker. Director Peter Kavanagh Rpt

Genome: [r4 Bd=19950624]

Unknown: Jonathan Myerson

Unknown: Juliet Aubrey

Unknown: Timothy West

Unknown: Mr Levy.

Unknown: Margaret John

Unknown: Elaine Claxton

Unknown: Neville Jason

Unknown: Mark Lambert

Unknown: Don McCorkindale

Unknown: Peter Whitman

Unknown: James Taylor.

Music By: Elizabeth Parker.

Director: Peter Kavanagh Rpt

Old Hannah: Maggie Whiting

Judah: Neil Dudgeon

Vic/Cathal: Aidan Gillen

Ross: Gavin Muir

Levi/Nahum: Paul Panting

Zeidel: Peter Kenny

Eppy/Hanni: Cathy Sara