Saturday Night Theatre - Anthills Of The Savannah


Genome: [r4 Bd=19950902]

Chinua Achebe's story of the betrayals, tensions and passions that emerge when a military dictatorship takes power in the West African state of Kangan. with Maynard Eziashi , Pamela Jikiemi , Amma Asante, Louis Mahoney , Cyril Ni ,

Jeillo Edwards , Wale Ojo , Garard Green ,

Michael Kilgarriff and Jane Whittenshaw. Dramatised by William Ash. Director Kay Patrick Rpt

Genome: [r4 Bd=19950902]

Unknown: Maynard Eziashi

Unknown: Pamela Jikiemi

Unknown: Louis Mahoney

Unknown: Cyril Ni

Unknown: Jeillo Edwards

Unknown: Wale Ojo

Unknown: Garard Green

Unknown: Michael Kilgarriff

Unknown: Jane Whittenshaw.

Dramatised By: William Ash.

Director: Kay Patrick Rpt

His Excellency: Jude Akuwudike

Chds Onko: Ben Onwukwe

Ikem Osodi: Joseph Marcell

Prof Okong: Okon Jones