Saturday Night Theatre - Antigua Penny Puce


Genome: [r4 Bd=19960615]

A dramatisation of Robert Graves 's comic novel about the titanic struggle between a brother and sister over the ownership of a stamp collection. with Jonathan Keeble , Kristin Milward ,

Tessa Worsely , Peter Yapp. Derek Waring , John Turner and Jilly Bond. Dramatised by John Petherbridge. Director Matthew Walters Rpt

Genome: [r4 Bd=19960615]

Unknown: Robert Graves

Unknown: Jonathan Keeble

Unknown: Kristin Milward

Unknown: Tessa Worsely

Unknown: Peter Yapp.

Unknown: Derek Waring

Unknown: John Turner

Unknown: Jilly Bond.

Dramatised By: John Petherbridge.

Director: Matthew Walters Rpt

Oliver: Aden Gillett

Jane: Trevyn McDowell

Young Oliver: Richard Pearce

Reggie: Richard Pearce

Young Jane: Oona Beeson

Adelaide: Oona Beeson

Sarah: Oona Beeson

Tom Young: David Collings

Hazlitt: Joshua Towb

Edith: Alison Reid