Saturday Night Theatre - Friday's Child


Genome: [r4 Bd=19960217]

By Georgette Heyer. "I'm going back to London! And I'mgoingto marry the first woman I see!" is the cry of young Lord Sheringham when his proposal of marriage is rejected by Isabella. with Nicholas Boulton , Mary Wimbush , Tessa Worsley , Cathy Sara , Susan Sheridan ,

David Bannerman , Eva Stuart , Peter Kenny , Jilly Bond and David Antrobus. Music composed and realised by Trevor Allan Davies. Director Ned Chaillet Rpt

Genome: [r4 Bd=19960217]

Unknown: Georgette Heyer.

Unknown: Nicholas Boulton

Unknown: Mary Wimbush

Unknown: Tessa Worsley

Unknown: Cathy Sara

Unknown: Susan Sheridan

Unknown: David Bannerman

Unknown: Eva Stuart

Unknown: Peter Kenny

Unknown: Jilly Bond

Unknown: David Antrobus.

Unknown: Trevor Allan Davies.

Director: Ned Chaillet Rpt

Hero Wantage: Elu Garnett

Sherry: James Train

Isabella Milbome: Annabel Muwon

George: Ian Hughes

Jasper Tarieton: Simon Russellbeale

Gil: Paul Panting

Ferdy: Juuan Rhind-Tutt