Saturday Night Theatre - From Donegal With Love


Genome: [r4 Bd=19960629]

The adventures of two middle-aged women as they travel from a Daniel O'Donnell concert in Donegal, Ireland, to the Gambia, West Africa. with Emma O'Neill , Brenda Winter. Maureen Dow , Susy Kelly , Malcolm Tierney. Stephanie Turner , Valentine Nonyela , Jude Akuwidike. Tunde Babs. Don Warrington. Written by Marie Jones Director Pam Brighton

Genome: [r4 Bd=19960629]

Unknown: Daniel O'Donnell

Unknown: Emma O'Neill

Unknown: Brenda Winter.

Unknown: Maureen Dow

Unknown: Susy Kelly

Unknown: Malcolm Tierney.

Unknown: Stephanie Turner

Unknown: Valentine Nonyela

Unknown: Jude Akuwidike.

Unknown: Tunde Babs.

Unknown: Don Warrington

Written By: Marie Jones

Director: Pam Brighton

Vera: Marie Jones

Anna: Helena Bereen

Daniel: Seancoyle

Fergal: Conleth Hill

Tour Guide: Conleth Hill