Saturday Night Theatre - Heape At Cambridge


Genome: [r4 Bd=19940115]

by Jeremy Paul. Middie-aged Diarmuid Heape pursues the lovely young Polly up to Cambridge, at the expense of his teaching career, his marriage and his dog.

Director Matthew Walters

Genome: [r4 Bd=19940115]

Unknown: Jeremy Paul.

Unknown: Diarmuid Heape

Director: Matthew Walters

Heape: Alfred Molina

PoBy: Sasha Paul

Gerald: James Taylor

Joan/David: Susan Sheridan

Constance: Barbara Atkinson

JilljDeirdre: Amanda Garwood

Mrs Clayton: Tina Gray

Mr Clayton: Colin Pinney

Motel proprielor: John Evitts

Roger: Malcolm Ward

Natalie/Barbara: Vivienne Rochester

Karen/Janet: Oona Beeson

Rosalyn: Teresa Gallagher

Andy: David Jarvis

GileslRavi: Lyndam Gregory

Ned: Nicholas Boulton

Barry/Bulldog: Gareth Armstrong

Pam: Cathy Sara