Saturday Night Theatre - The Colour Norman


Genome: [r4 Bd=19970315]By Stephen Dinsdale and Jerome Vincent. Science student

Norman Gittings invents a new colour and is besieged by fashion designers, greedy lawyers and M15, all desperate to get their hands on it. But Norman decides he will achieve recognition in his own way.

Director Anne Pivcevic Repeat

Genome: [r4 Bd=19970315] Unknown: Stephen Dinsdale

Unknown: Jerome Vincent.

Unknown: Norman Gittings

Director: Anne Pivcevic

Norman: Richard Pearce

Simon: Roger May

DrHimsk: David March

Bletchley: John Hollis

Jane: Rebecca Front

Tina: Rebecca Front

Mum: Tessa Worsley

Miss Fish: Tessa Worsley

Dad: John Turner

Smoo: John Turner

Stroop: David Timpson

Fashion commentator: David Timpson

Dredge: Andrew Branch

Reporter 4: Andrew Branch

Raven: Sandra James-Young

Tanya: Sandra James-Young

Pillbeam: Geoffrey Whitehead

Reporter 1: Geoffrey Whitehead

TV announcer: Geoffrey Whitehead