Saturday Night Theatre - The Right Result


Genome: [r4 Bd=19930717]

When a black youth dies in a violent incident, investigations uncover a pervasive racism in the police ranks. Peter R Simpkin 's drama asks if justice can be served in the face of prejudice.

Director Ned Chaillet

Genome: [r4 Bd=19930717]

Unknown: Peter R Simpkin

Director: Ned Chaillet

Supt Samuel Conway: Malcolm Rennie

Dei Sgt Stone: Brian Croucher

PC Andy York: Ade Sapara

Chief Supt Edward Turner: Paul Shane

Supt Charles Reeves: Michael Melia

Mrs Fairwater: Mona Hammond

Norman Driver: Ray Lonnen

Cuthbert Norville: Oscar James

Ashley Lee: Malcolm Kaye

Tristan White: Don Gilet

PC Cooper: Michael Onslow

Sally Fields: Vivienne Rochester

John Rouse: Andrew Wincott

Danial: Gary Lawrence

Robins QC: Steve Hodson

Barry: James Telfer

judge: John Evitts

Asst Commissioner Hinckly: John Fleming

Rob: John Webb