Saturday-night Theatre: Death In Ecstasy


[R4 BD=19690913]
A detective story by NGAIO MARSH adapted for radio by JOHN TYDEMAN

In the House of the Sacred Flame, where truth and illusion are hopelessly entangled, Death catches up with one of the Initiates - and Chief Detective-Inspector Roderick Alleyn investigates a murder.

[R4 BD=19690913]
Story By: Ngaio Marsh

Produced by: John Tydeman

Chief Detective Inspector Roderick Alleyn: Peter Howell

Nigel Bathgate: Gary Watson

Fr Jasper Garnette: Peter Pratt

Miss Cara Quayne, the Chosen Vessel: Hilda Kriseman

Miss Ernestine Wade: Grizelda Hervey

Dr Kasbek: James Thomason

Mrs Dagmar Candour: Margot Boyd

Samuel J. Ogden: Frederick Treves

Claude Wheatley: Kerry Francis

Lionel Smith: Tim Grant

Maurice Pringle: David Spenser

Miss Janey Jenkins: Patricia Gallimore

Det-Insp. Fox: Alan Dudley

Raoul de Ravigne: David March

Miss Edith Hebborn, a nanny: Kathleen Helme

Mr Rattisbon: John Gabriel

Elsie: Hilda Kriseman