Saturday-night Theatre: Fahrenheit 451


[R4 BD=19821113]
by Ray Bradbury dramatised for radio by Gregory Evans

Sometime in the future the fireman's role has changed from stopping fires to starting them: the material being all books or printed matter of any kind. Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which books burn. But Montag the fireman is beginning to have doubts about his role ...

BBC Bristol

(Repeated: Mon 3.2 pm)

[R4 BD=19821113]
Author: Ray Bradbury

Dramatised by: Gregory Evans

Director: Brian Miller

Montag: Michael Pennington

Millie: Pamela Salem

Beatty: Peter Miles

Narrator: Jonathan Newth

Clarisse: Patience Tomlinson

Medic/Announcer: Spencer Banks

Stoneman: Michael Simkins

Woman: Susan Dowdall

Faber: Peter Tuddenham

Granger: Hugh Dickson

Simmons: Alan Dudley