Saturday Night Theatre: Heart And Soul


[R4 BD=19950923]

Cheryl Martin 's musical portrait of Oldham's famous Tommyfield Market. with Kay Purcell. Romy Baskerville , Ian Mercer , Kathy Jamieson and David Crellin. Music by Tim Browne , performed by Tim Browne. Paul Dallinson and John Aggrey. Director Michael Fox Rpt

[R4 BD=19950923]

Unknown: Cheryl Martin

Unknown: Kay Purcell.

Unknown: Romy Baskerville

Unknown: Ian Mercer

Unknown: Kathy Jamieson

Unknown: David Crellin.

Music By: Tim Browne

Unknown: Tim Browne.

Unknown: Paul Dallinson

Unknown: John Aggrey.

Director: Michael Fox Rpt

Dottie: Judith Barker

Jerry: Stephen Hancock

Julia: Deborah McAndrew

Cissie: Kathryn Hunt

Colin: Vincent Davies

Young Dottie: Naomi Radcliffe