Saturday-night Theatre: Project Genesis


[R4 BD=19821127]

by Paul Thain

The year: 2007. An intelligence far beyond our own understanding, from the star system Sirius B, has been observing the moral progress of our planet and decides the time has come for decisive intervention. Having stopped the European War of 1998, it now offers to provoke the next leap in human evolution - but where may that 'leap', if taken, lead to?

(Repeated: Mon 3.2 pm)

[R4 BD=19821127]

Writer: Paul Thain

Director: Glyn Dearman

James Gerrard: Nigel Anthony

Max Rainer: Ed Bishop

Sophia: Jill Lidstone

Anneke Alenska: Miriam Margolyes

General Schwartz: David March

Controller Hayden: Peter Arne

KoliV/ChOU: Barry Dennen

Central Computer/John: Stephen Thorne

Director Hall/Guardian: Anthony Newlands

Camp commander: Peter Tuddenham

Ryan: Stuart Organ

Alex: Crawford Logan

Boy: Paul Russell

Sorella: Frances Jeater

Dekker: Katherine Parr

Kraygor: Alex Jennings

Crossier: James Kerry

Techniclan: Nigel Graham

Jonesy: Simon Hewitt

Control: Rosalind Adams