Saturday Playhouse - Ben Travers Double Bill


Genome: [r4 Bd=19920425]

The Dippers with Michael Williams and Judi Dench.

1989 Sony Award-winning dramatisation by Peter King from the novel by Ben Travers.

If only Stella and Henry had realised that they were both going to be in Combe Puddy. If only Henry hadn't agreed to impersonate a professional dancer's wife. If only the dancer's wife hadn't been quite so lovely - Music by David Chilton and Nick Russell-Pavier.

Director Peter King. Stereo

Genome: [r4 Bd=19920425]

Unknown: Michael Williams

Unknown: Judi Dench.

Unknown: Peter King

Novel By: Ben Travers.

Music By: David Chilton

Music By: Nick Russell-Pavier

Director: Peter King.

Henry Talboyes: Michael Williams

Stella Tavistock: Judi Dench

Hank Upper: Colin Stinton

Pauline Dipper: Melinda Walker

Bandleader: John Samson

Lord Mellingham: Freddie Jones

Agent: Norman Bird

Peter: Stephen Rashbrook

Wattle: Trevor Nichols

Helen Monk: Dorcas Morgan

Minnie: Polly James

Cowman: William Simons

Party Guests: Eva Stuart

Party Guests: Diana Olson