Saturday Playhouse - Chaos By Design


Genome: [r4 Bd=19970510]

By Lemn Sissay.

Poetry, music and mayhem -the Queen is coming to Manchester. A journey through the sound of the city as experienced by DJ Tempo and friends. with Nicolas Moss. Andrew Burke , Jacqueline Kington , Nicola Gardner , Flo Wilson , Michelle Calamy and Vincent Davies. Music composed by Luke Smith Director Nandita Ghose

Genome: [r4 Bd=19970510]

Unknown: Lemn Sissay.

Unknown: Nicolas Moss.

Unknown: Andrew Burke

Unknown: Jacqueline Kington

Unknown: Nicola Gardner

Unknown: Flo Wilson

Unknown: Michelle Calamy

Unknown: Vincent Davies.

Composed By: Luke Smith

Director: Nandita Ghose

Sharp: Maxine Burth

Tempo: John Brobbey

Shine: Brian Morgan

Patsy: Angela Wynter

Mr Brown: Trevor Thomas

Jan Sadie: Melissa Jane Sinden

Adder: John Branwell

John Cameraman: Claude Close

PC Nick Emm: Michael Begley