Saturday Playhouse - The Silent World Of Nicholas Quinn


Genome: [r4 Bd=19970104]

Colin Dexter 's Inspector Morse faces a puzzling trip into the world of deaf people with the murder of an invigilator in a foreign examination syndicate. with Stephen Critchlow , David Timson. John Hartley , Roger May , Lyndam Gregory ,

Alix Refaie , Denys Hawthorne , Geoffrey Whitehead , Jane Whittenshaw , Caroline Strong , Patience Tomlinson, Tracy Wiles , Zulema Dene. David Hoit , Ahmed Mustapha and Alice Arnold Dramatised by Guy Meredith Director Ned Chaillet Repeat

Genome: [r4 Bd=19970104]

Unknown: Colin Dexter

Unknown: Stephen Critchlow

Unknown: David Timson.

Unknown: John Hartley

Unknown: Roger May

Unknown: Lyndam Gregory

Unknown: Alix Refaie

Unknown: Denys Hawthorne

Unknown: Geoffrey Whitehead

Unknown: Jane Whittenshaw

Unknown: Caroline Strong

Unknown: Tracy Wiles

Unknown: Zulema Dene.

Unknown: David Hoit

Unknown: Ahmed Mustapha

Dramatised By: Guy Meredith

Director: Ned Chaillet

Inspector Morse: John Shrapnel

Sergeant Lewis: Robert Glenister

Dr Bartlett: Richard Pasco

Monica Height: Meg Davies