Saturday Playhouse: A Little Princess


[R4 BD=19961221]

Frances Hodgson Burnett 's classic children's story. When wealthy Sara Crewe is forced into poverty, she discovers that her imagination and her warm heart are the only things she has left. with Ravin J Ganatra. Fenella Norman , Anthony Jackson. Timothy Morand. Jilly Bond. Ali Hames. Emma Copeland , Danielle Nelson. Lucy Kent. Becky Simpson. Sasha Hannau. Sara Macdonald. Max Wrottesley and Carla Prosser. Music composed by Robert Rigby. Dramatised by Dave Simpson Director Martin Jameson

[R4 BD=19961221]

Unknown: Frances Hodgson Burnett

Unknown: Sara Crewe

Unknown: Ravin J Ganatra.

Unknown: Fenella Norman

Unknown: Anthony Jackson.

Unknown: Timothy Morand.

Unknown: Jilly Bond.

Unknown: Ali Hames.

Unknown: Emma Copeland

Unknown: Danielle Nelson.

Unknown: Becky Simpson.

Unknown: Sasha Hannau.

Unknown: Sara MacDonald.

Unknown: Max Wrottesley

Unknown: Carla Prosser.

Composed By: Robert Rigby.

Dramatised By: Dave Simpson

Director: Martin Jameson

Miss Minchin: Julia McKenzie

Captain Crewe: Nicky Henson

Sara Crewe: Ellie Beaven

MrCarrisford: Robert Glennister