Saturday Playhouse: A Pocket Full Of Rye


[R4 BD=19950211]
June Whitfield stars as Miss Marple in this Agatha Christie murder mystery. A children's nursery rhyme appears to hold the clues to a series of gruesome murders.

Dramatised by Michael Bakewell Director Enyd Williams

[R4 BD=19950211]
Unknown: Agatha Christie

Dramatised By: Michael Bakewell

Director: Enyd Williams

inspector Neele: Nicky Henson

Rex Fortescue: Derek Waring

Percival: Peter Yapp

Jennifer: Natasha Pyne

Lance: Ian Masters

Patricia: Annabel Mullion

Elaine: Deborah Berlin

Adele: Becky Hindley

Miss Dove: Kristin Milward

Miss Ramsbottom: Margaret Ward

Mrs Mackenzie: Charlotte Mitchell

Gladys: Clair AmacKie

Crump: Don McCorkindale

Mrs Crump: Margaret John

Sergeant Hay: Joshua Towb

Miss Grosvenor: Jilly Bond

Dr Bemsdorff: George Parsons

Vivian Dubois: Michael Tudor Barnes

Gerald Wright: Oliver Senton

Kitty: Clare Heyhoe