Saturday Playhouse: A Stone From Heaven


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This two-part play by Lindsay Clarke , author of the award-winning novel The Chymical Wedding, captures all the magic and mystery of one of the greatest of all European tales - the story of the Grail. 1: The Wounding. Young Parsifal sets out from his wildwood home with the ambition of becoming a knight.

With Sandra Berkin , Susan Jeffrey. Avi Nassa , Loma Laidlaw, Martin Head , Bill Wallis , Kathryn Hunt. Richard Avery , David Holt , Neal Foster.

Daphne Neville , Veda Warwick , Graham Padden , Gerry Hinks and Susan Mann. Music by Martin Allcock. Director Nigel Bryant. Part 2 at 7.50pm

[R4 BD=19950415]

Play By: Lindsay Clarke

Unknown: Sandra Berkin

Unknown: Susan Jeffrey.

Unknown: Avi Nassa

Unknown: Martin Head

Unknown: Bill Wallis

Unknown: Kathryn Hunt.

Unknown: Richard Avery

Unknown: David Holt

Unknown: Neal Foster.

Unknown: Daphne Neville

Unknown: Veda Warwick

Unknown: Graham Padden

Unknown: Gerry Hinks

Unknown: Susan Mann.

Music By: Martin Allcock.

Director: Nigel Bryant.

Parsifal: Ian Jeffs

Gawain: Michael Lumsden

Arthur: Gary Bond

Wolfram: Kim Wall

Cundrie: Eleanor Bron

Orguleuse: Diana Quick

Trevrizent: Edward Petherbridge

Gahmuret: David Robb

Herzeloyde SARA: Mair Thomas

Gumemanz: Norman Rodway

Blancheflor: Carolyn Backhouse

Anfortas: Struan Rodger