Saturday Playhouse: Absolute Beginners


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Christopher Hawes 's dramatisation of the cult book by Colin Maclnnes. The Absolute Beginner of the title is out for kicks as he discovers the happening city of London in 1958. with John Culshore , Laura Richmond , Nicolas Moss , Sarah Nixon , Taff Girdlestone , John Bramwell , Ray Emmet Brown and Leroy Golding. Music composed and played by Keith Jafrate with David Pitt (bass) and Paul Hession (drums). Director Nandita Ghose

[R4 BD=19960203]

Unknown: Christopher Hawes

Book By: Colin MacLnnes.

Unknown: John Culshore

Unknown: Laura Richmond

Unknown: Nicolas Moss

Unknown: Sarah Nixon

Unknown: Taff Girdlestone

Unknown: John Bramwell

Unknown: Ray Emmet Brown

Unknown: Leroy Golding.

Played By: Keith Jafrate

Bass: David Pitt

Bass: Paul Hession

Director: Nandita Ghose

AB: Andrew Tiernan

Suzette: Alison Darling

Wiz: Philip Glenister

Mum: Gillie Meers

Dad: Christopher Hancock

Mr Cool: Don Gilet

Hoplight: Richard Pearce

Henley: Jimmy Hibbert