Saturday Playhouse: Aesop's Astronauts


[R4 BD=19960217]

Tony Mulholland's play answers the question - what did happen to the animals that were sent up into space in the early days of the space race? with Valentina Yakunina , Rad Lazar ,

Lewis Hancock , Buffy Davis , Michael Elliot , Alisha Dean and Martin Cookson. Original music written and played by Jeff Meams. Director Brian Lighthill

[R4 BD=19960217]

Unknown: Valentina Yakunina

Unknown: Rad Lazar

Unknown: Lewis Hancock

Unknown: Buffy Davis

Unknown: Michael Elliot

Unknown: Alisha Dean

Unknown: Martin Cookson.

Played By: Jeff Meams.

Director: Brian Lighthill

Ginzberg: Philip O'Brien

Whitman: Don Fellows

Sylvia: Marian Kemmer

Josh: Jim Christian

Von Essen: Christian Rodska

Mona: Toyah Willcox

Benyman: Ed Bishop

Austin: Ron Berglas

Jethro: Paul Birchard

Satan: Christopher Rozycki

Ivan: Yuri Stephanov