Saturday Playhouse: Campion's Ghost


[R4 BD=19960224]

By Garry O'Connor. Set amid the religious strife in Elizabethan England, Paul McGann stars as the poet John Donne who rejects his Catholic upbringing to seek preferment at Court. with Alex Jones , Terry Pearson , Martin Cookson , Sean Connolly and Graham Colclough

Director Brian Lighthill

[R4 BD=19960224]

Unknown: Garry O'Connor.

Unknown: Paul McGann

Unknown: John Donne

Unknown: Alex Jones

Unknown: Terry Pearson

Unknown: Martin Cookson

Unknown: Sean Connolly

Unknown: Graham Colclough

Director: Brian Lighthill

Sir Jasper Underhill: Timothy West

Kate: Hilary MacLean

Sylvia: Marian Kemmer

Topcliffe: Pip Donaghy

Queen Elizabeth I: Janet Dale

O'Hearne: Kim Durham

Pembroke: Fred Denno

Oxford: Mark Finn

Burghley: Christian Rodska

Sphacto: Gerry Hinks