Saturday Playhouse: Can't Catch Me


[R4 BD=19970208]

By Martin Glynn. Brer Rabbit's exploits are brought to life in a new version of these well-loved tales. with Dike Omeje , Melissa Jane Sinden , Don Gilet , Richard Pearce , Claude Close. Garrick Hagon , Jimmi Hibbert and Becky Simpson.

Music composed and played by Ansell Broderick Musicians Kenneth Higgins and Stephen Nurse Director Nandita Ghose

[R4 BD=19970208]

Unknown: Martin Glynn.

Unknown: Dike Omeje

Unknown: Melissa Jane Sinden

Unknown: Don Gilet

Unknown: Richard Pearce

Unknown: Claude Close.

Unknown: Garrick Hagon

Unknown: Jimmi Hibbert

Unknown: Becky Simpson.

Played By: Ansell Broderick

Musicians: Kenneth Higgins

Director: Nandita Ghose

Brer Rabbit: Danny John Jules

Mr Wildcat: Vincent Davies

Brer Fox: Eric Meyers

Brer Bear: Ram John Holder

Brer Turkey: Sue Johnston