Saturday Playhouse: Dear Nobody


[R4 BD=19950805]

Dramatised by Berlie Dochertyfrom her novel about two youngsters who face an unplanned pregnancy. with Siriol Jenkins. John Fleming , Geraldine Fitzgerald , Philip Anthony , Sandra James

Young, Julian Rhind Tutt , Barry J Gordon and Jill Graham

Director Sally Avens. First broadcast on Radio 5

[R4 BD=19950805]

Dramatised By: Berlie Dochertyfrom

Unknown: Siriol Jenkins.

Unknown: John Fleming ,

Unknown: Geraldine Fitzgerald

Unknown: Philip Anthony

Unknown: Sandra James

Unknown: Julian Rhind Tutt

Unknown: Barry J Gordon

Unknown: Jill Graham

Director: Sally Avens.

Helen: Kate Hardie

Chris: Scott Ransome

Alan: Jack Shepherd

Robbie: Daniel Street Brown

Guy: Ian Taylor