Saturday Playhouse: Elsie, Doris, Gert And Daisy


[R4 BD=19960323]
Anne Caulfield 's imaginative account of the lives of Elsie and Doris Waters. Larking about in a recording studio, they created the ebullient cockney characters Gert and Daisy. with Stephen Critchlow , Guy Edwards , David Timson , Jill Graham , Roger May and Zulema Dene. Pianist Colin Guthrie Director Marion Nancarrow
[R4 BD=19960323]
Unknown: Anne Caulfield

Unknown: Doris Waters.

Unknown: Stephen Critchlow

Unknown: Guy Edwards

Unknown: David Timson

Unknown: Jill Graham

Pianist: Zulema Dene.

Pianist: Colin Guthrie

Director: Marion Nancarrow

Doris Waters: Celia Imrie

Elsie Waters: Susie Blake

Gert: Tilly Vosburgh

Daisy: Tessa Peake-Jones

Older Elsie: Ann Beach

Older Doris: Barbara Atkinson

Sam: David Bradley

Young Sam: Chris Wright

Mother: Patience Tomlinson

Father: Geoffrey Whitehead