Saturday Playhouse: Ethan Frome


[R4 BD=19961116]

In Edith Wharton 's classic love story a new arrival in Starkfield observes the stooped and lame figure of a man called Ethan Frome and is determined to find out what happened to him.

Dramatised by Michelene Wandor Director Cherry Cookson

[R4 BD=19961116]

Unknown: Edith Wharton

Unknown: Ethan Frome

Dramatised By: Michelene Wandor

Director: Cherry Cookson

Ethan Frome: John Sharian

Matty Silver: Barbara Barnes

Zena: Lorelei King

Narrator: Stuart Milligan

Mrs Hale: Ann Beach

Powell: Stephen Thorne

Harman: Stephen Thorne

Denis Eady: Kim Wall