Saturday Playhouse: Getting Mad


[R4 BD=19950408]

After the initial shock, most people get over having their house burgled but in Joe Dunlop 's play, Ian just can't get rid of his fury, or his desire for revenge.

With Isobil Nisbet. David Jarvis and Oona Beeson. Director Matthew Walters Rpt

[R4 BD=19950408]

Unknown: Joe Dunlop

Unknown: Isobil Nisbet.

Unknown: David Jarvis

Unknown: Oona Beeson.

Director: Matthew Walters

Ian: Bill Paterson

Carol: Frances Jeater

Jack: Peter Kenny

Martin: Gareth Armstrong

Tone: Tom Bevan

Gary: Paul Panting

PC Corbey: Malcolm Ward

Police Officer: Jonathan Tafler

McRae: Joe Dunlop

Corder: Joe Dunlop

Tom: Peter Whitman