Saturday Playhouse: Hindle Wakes


[R4 BD=19960817]

Stanley Houghton's classic Lancashire comedy, written in 1911. It is Wakes Week in Hindle and Fanny Hawthorn has gone to Blackpool with her friend

Mary. At least, that's what she tells her parents.

Director Kate Rowland

[R4 BD=19960817]

Unknown: Fanny Hawthorn

Director: Kate Rowland

Mr Jeffcote: Ewan Hooper

Mrs Jeffcote: Sue Johnston

Chris Hawthorn: Colin Prockter

Fanny Hawthorn: Sophie Stanton

AlanJeffcote: Nicholas Gleaves

Mrs Hawthorn: Bridget Turner

Sir Timothy Farrar: Brian Rawlinson

Beatrice Farrar: Trilby James

Ada: Sarah Kirkman