Saturday Playhouse: Hotel Du Lac


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Anita Brookner's Booker Prize-winning novel, dramatised by Ayshe Raif.

The Hotel Du Lac is an unlikely setting for a romance. with Siddiqua Akhtar. Lynne Verrall. Ian Masters ,

Shirley Dixon , Ioan Meredith . Colleen Prendergastand Robert Harper. Director Claire Grove

[R4 BD=19960803]

Dramatised By: Ayshe Raif.

Unknown: Siddiqua Akhtar.

Unknown: Lynne Verrall.

Unknown: Ian Masters

Unknown: Shirley Dixon

Unknown: Ioan Meredith

Unknown: Colleen Prendergastand

Unknown: Robert Harper.

Director: Claire Grove

Edith: Barbara Flynn

Mr Neville: Jack Klaff

Iris Pusey: Joan Sims